Adult Program Schedule

We understand that the response to COVID-19 is a dynamic situation and we are closely monitoring guidance and direction from our public health officials and state/local government. 

The dojo is officially closed for now; however, we are now offering online classes via Zoom. Please refer to our COVID-19 page for more details and for our current online Zoom class schedule.

The schedule below reflects our normal operations. We expect to return to the schedule below once the dojo fully reopens.


During normal operations, we host approximately one hundred twelve (112) practice sessions a month, with only two official days off (Christmas and Thanksgiving Day) and during special seminars and camps (where we practice more than usual).

Monday🌅6:30 amChas Poor
🌅7 amChas Poor
 🌅9 amSteven Schneid
 🌅10 amSteven Schneid
 🌇6:30 pmRobert Deppe
 🌃7:45 pmRobert Deppe
Tuesday🌅7 amNina Carleton
 🌅10 amReginald Robinson
 🌇6:30 pmBasics Class, Various Instructors
 🌇7:30 pmAdvanced Class, Various Instructors
 🌃8:30 pmOpen Mat
Wednesday🌅6:15 amChas Poor, Lewis Cuffy
 🌅7 amJohn Taylor
 🌅9:30 amChris Royal
 🌅10 amChris Royal
 🌇6:30 pmRobert Deppe
 🌃8:00 pmOpen Mat
Thursday🌅7 amLewis Cuffy
 🌅10 amMichael Brown
 🌇6:30 pmEugene Lee
 🌃8:00 pmOpen Mat
Friday🌅7 amChas Poor
 🌅9:30 amChris Royal
 🌅10 amChris Royal
 🌇6 pmOpen Mat
 🌇6:30 pmKamenna Lee
 🌃7:45 pmNick Kiritz
Saturday🌅7 amNina Carleton
 🌅10:30 amEugene Lee
Sunday🌅8 amRobert Deppe
 🌅9 amKamenna Lee
 🌅10:30 amChris Royal
Beginner Orientation

~112 Sessions / month
~5 Hours / day

Based on Our Current Schedule