The dojo offers a variety of amenities which allow members to immerse themselves in a traditional Japanese dojo environment here in the United States. Our membership utilizes these spaces and maintains them year round for visitors and members to use on a daily basis. It is our wish that members and visitors take the opportunities offered for meditation, relaxation, study, and sharing the space with each other in the environments provided.

Kitchenette Cabinets


The dojo has a small kitchenette to use when members and guests need to prepare small snacks and meals.

Tea Room Interior Entrance

Tea Room

A special space for members to share private discussions, moments, meditation, and serves as a space for short-term visitor accommodations.


Our gardens are a very special fixture in the history and aesthetic of the dojo. Japanese Wisteria, Japanese Cherry, Magnolia, Dogwood, hosta, mosses, bamboo, and a variety of other plant species are meticulously placed and cared for year round.


The dojo library is a resource for members to supplement training with materials for study and research.