Architecture and Design

The dojo’s property has been adapted from an existing residence and business into a model martial arts dojo for Aikido, worldwide. The property’s updated architecture is a grand executed vision of a functional space for a community to practice, meet, live, and study together. As the mission of Aikido is to foster community in the world, this space helps accomplish that vision. Many students of Aikido and other martial arts studios visit to take in the design aesthetics of the property to carry back to their home dojo around the world.

The dojo started in the rear shop, and a later acquisition of the property as a whole allowed the residency to be the prime home for Saotome Shihan (“Sensei”) and his wife Patty Saotome.

Having ample room for changing rooms, restrooms, a kitchen, laundry, utilities, an office, and meeting spaces is a necessity. Through Sensei’s vision, a Tea Room, and the Loft was added to accommodate for storage and an additional living space for guests.

The Dojo residence, on the street side of the dojo, is the primary living quarters for guests of the dojo and is where the main office is located. This space is reserved primarily for Sensei, attendants, board members, caretakers, and members serving the dojo’s operations.

We hope to continue modeling not only the form and function, but also the spirit within which we train daily in the practice of Aikido.

Triangle Circle Square Calligraphy/Brushwork by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
Sensei’s Captain’s Chair