Living Museum

Mitsugi Saotome Shihan (“Sensei”) is not only a practitioner of Aikido (“aikidoka”), but also a mechanical engineer, artist, designer, carpenter, calligrapher, and author. Shobukan Dojo houses many of Sensei’s works of art, and is a living museum of pieces which express the continual expression of Takemusu Aiki. It is our honor to preserve these works and also to preserve the honor of Sensei’s and Morihei Ueshiba’s vision (“O-Sensei”) for the practice to enable world harmony.

One doesn’t necessarily need to practice aikido to appreciate the architecture, design, and dojo aesthetic. Feel free to stop by during regular hours and take in the sites, you might find some inspiration for your own home, business, or maybe even a dojo.

Architecture and Design

The dojo has been assembled from the the bones of a shop and home into a model dojo for the world. Through the vision of Mitsugi Saotome, Patty Saotome, and the countless deshi, students, and members of the dojo, it is a beautiful space to share in the study and practice of what has been transmitted through from Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.

Triangle Circle Square Calligraphy/Brushwork by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan


The dojo is home to many art pieces that are an emanation of the spirit of Aiki, as Saotome Sensei expresses through many artistic mediums continually. Many large art pieces are present, and on display.


The dojo is home to many original and large calligraphies by Mitsugi Saotome Sensei, as this was a primary residence for the Saotome family for many years. Many calligraphies are used for transmission of aiki principles and martial wisdom, and serve as vehicles for pointing out instructions, and may be taken as kofu-an-toku.

Dojo Guest Quarters


Mitsugi Saotome, Shihan (“Sensei”) is a furiously creative artist and some of that energy, along with his students was poured into natural furnishings that encouraged people to share space together with nature. His teacher, Morihei Ueshiba (“O-Sensei”), frequently drew individuals together to form a sense of community and friendship that is necessary for not only growing humanity, but also to fall back on during tough or challenging times.