Dojo Guest Quarters


Mitsugi Saotome, Shihan (“Sensei”) is a furiously creative artist and some of that energy, along with his students was poured into natural furnishings that encouraged people to share space together with nature. His teacher, Morihei Ueshiba (“O-Sensei”), frequently drew individuals together to form a sense of community and friendship that is necessary for not only growing humanity, but also to fall back on during tough or challenging times.

Natural Living

Nature is a core element of transmission in our art, and elements of nature are incorporated within our dojo. From seating, to art, and to inspire a spirit of community, we welcome everyone into our space.

Burled Coffee Table by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan and Students

Burled Coffee Table

A very heavy small coffee table located in the member’s office, this table looks simple in design, however is burled and has many intricate patterns in the wood. Our members frequently serve morning coffee and pastries here, snacks, and in the evening commonly serves as a centerpiece for beer nights and small member meetings and gatherings.

Sensei’s Captain’s Chair

Captain’s Chair

Most members remember the creaky, squeeky captain’s chair that Sensei frequents in the Members’ Office. It has since been repaired for less noise, however, still retains its wonder. Sensei sits in this chair often still to this day. It’s an icon in the dojo.