Natural Living

No dojo is complete without a seating area for guests to observe practice. Our seating area is decorated with bespoke pieces handmade from a locally felled tree that Sensei and his students fashioned into chairs and a hibachi. Paired with the Tea Kettle Mobile, this set offers natural seating, curved surfaces and a hidden carving behind one of the chairs that guests and members alike are invited to discover with the help of knowledgeable members.

Caring for the pieces is simple, daily use, light lemon oil wipe downs, and dusting keep these in great condition day to day. Their solid forms are durable and help bring out the natural environment that ASU Aikidoka cherish as part of their training spaces around the world.

Sensei often speaks about the need for common areas for students to gather in to foster the spirit of community so essential to the spirit and mission of Aikido.