The dojo provides ample opportunity for all aspects of aikido training, study, and meditation. Our facilities are comprehensive and provide ample room and space for dojo members, visitors, guests, and is a gracious space for seminar attendees. We are proud to offer and maintain this space, and look forward to practicing together.  頑張ってください!

Training Mat

The mat offers 1,200 square feet of sprung, canvas covered mat space which accommodates daily training and seminars. The room on the mat will vary depending on the attendance of the practice session from session to session.

Women’s Changing Room Entrance

Changing Rooms

Large changing rooms for men and women are provided to accommodate for member and guest attendance in daily classes and large seminars. Storage is available for clothing and toiletries.

Men’s Shower


Our facility has showers available for members to use. There are towel racks and ample room for showering. We also offer members space to store shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

Guest Quarters

Commonly referred to as “The Loft”, the Guest Quarters is a long-term accommodation which can hold guests and caretakers visiting the dojo. This space has a futon, cabinets, shelving, clothing racks, and outlets for visitor comfort and privacy.


The residency of the dojo is for dojo staff, special guests, and VIP’s. Historically the residence of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan and Patty Saotome, this space is furnished and maintained in the same state it was while Sensei lived in DC.


Lockers are provided for storing sensitive or valuable items. This is especially useful for law enforcement personnel storing firearms and other items.