ASU Initiatives


The ASU NOW 25 for 50 Campaign is raising funds to build a guest house on the Aiki Shrine in Myakka City, FL. As many Shobukan Dojo aikidoka know from attending events at the Aiki Shrine or by talking with someone who has been there, it is a special place for training and refining our understanding of the art of aikido. See link below for more details and note that the campaign has been extended until the end of July, 2021.

To further the impact of ASD Member contributions, Shobukan Dojo will match member donations up to $1000. And with the Saotome Family Trust matching overall contributions up to $25K, ASD Member donations will be quadrupled. For example, a $50 donation would result in a $200 benefit to the campaign. Folks can donate through the link provided or directly to Shobukan (if members donate through the link, please let the dojo know so we can complete the matching contribution). The companion fundraising effort will also be run through the end of the month, and 5 members who contribute to the event will be randomly selected to receive a special gift from the dojo. This special gift could include a selection of calligraphy and Shobukan merchandise to choose from, so donate today!

For more information, visit the ASU NOW webpage here:

ASU Future Committee Survey

The ASU Future Committee consists of a small group of dedicated Aikido students from ASU dojos across the country. We range in age from 16-40, and we all started training as teens or young adults.  We have been meeting frequently since January to collect data and propose solutions about what ASU can do to retain students. As a result of our meetings, we have created a survey for all members of ASU to learn about when they started training, what attracted them to Aikido, what kept them going, and what challenges or barriers they encountered in their early years of training. This helps us understand what attracts people in different age groups to Aikido and what helps or hinders long term study.

To complete the survey, email and request a link!