ASU Summer Intensive 2020 – Virtual Seminar

August 14th – 16th

Shobukan Dojo is moving our annual Summer Camp seminar to the virtual environment for 2020.

Join us for a special weekend of virtual training and learning broadcast from Aikido Shobukan Dojo in Washington, D.C. the weekend of August 14-16.

The weekend will include focused classes on bokken and jo, Saotome Sensei’s weapons kata, and several discussion panels on approaches to training during the pandemic and historical perspectives on aikido and weapons training. On Saturday afternoon, we will have a virtual greeting from Saotome Sensei!

Registration is open at Hope to “see” you there!

The ASU Summer Intensive dates back to 1976. We continue this tradition at Catholic University’s DuFour Athletic Center, typically during the week of July the Fourth. Weather is typically warmer and offers an opportunity to train with weapons more exclusively. This seminar is a week long and offers six or more hours of training (“keiko”) every day.