Aikido Shobukan Dojo is a premier dojo for Aikido keiko in North America, and hosts seminars throughout the year to offer aikido practitioners (“aikidoka”) opportunities for extended and more intensive training with senior Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (“ASU”) instructors. On occasions we will host visitors and special instructors for seminars to augment training programs. All our seminars are open to all aikidoka regardless of affiliation. Some seminars and events have special sites of their own, where registration is handled separately.

Upcoming Events:

2022 Fall Seminar October 21 -23

We are pleased to announce the return of our Fall Seminar this year! Our featured instructors are Kamenna Lee, Ania Small, Gary Small, and Julie Tollen.

We ask that seminar participants show proof of vaccination at the door. Class sizes will be limited to 50. Masks optional.

Registration fee is $100.


6 – 7 PM Kamenna Lee
7 – 8 PM Gary Small

Group dinner at a nearby restaurant

10 – 11 AM Ania Small
11 – 12 PM Julie Tollen
2 – 3 PM Gary Small
3 – 4 PM Julie Tollen

6pm Pot Luck Dojo Party

10 – 11 AM Ania Small
11 – 12 PM Kamenna Lee

Past Events:

2022 Ikeda Sensei June 17-19
2022 ASU Summer Camp July 1